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 03 March 2005
 Brian Chong (goldfries)
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Prince Of Persia : Warrior Within Review
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Command & Combat

The control system of the game is exactly the same as the prequel, POP : TSOT (The Sands Of Time). The controls are simple and easy to learn. It uses the usual WASD keys to control the directions while the mouse is used for slashing, special moves and camera angles.

The combat system, on the other hand, has undergone much improvement. The Prince of Persia : Warrior Within introduces the use of Free-Form combat system!

In this system, each combat move leads to varying possibilities of fancy acrobatics and slashes, creating a sequence of stunning combat moves!

For example, the prince could start with a vault over an enemy. After that, the prince can choose to go for actions like throat slashing, mid-air slash, head-chop, target throwing and various other moves including normal slashing.

The prince is also able to manipulate the environment around him. For example, jumping on the wall and doing a high speed thrusting slash on a target, throwing enemies off a ledge, throwing an enemy on other enemies, even using any pillar for a pole-swinging slash on any enemy within range.

Combat has also been brought to a new level with dual-weapon combat as well as slashing-combo moves.

This time around, the prince has a choice to go with only one weapon (in his right hand) or he can decide to pick up another weapon dropped by the enemy. It can either be a dagger, sword, mace or an axe. By using two weapons, the prince can now execute more fancy moves and slashes, as mentioned earlier in this article.

During combat, you can choose to slash with your primary weapon or your secondary weapon. To execute the moves, a sequence of key-presses is needed, like a combination of primary and secondary slashes, for example.

However, the combo moves will differ according to the class of secondary weapon you hold. Fortunately, the combinations are stated in both the in-game as well as the printed manuals. Alternatively, if you don't like dual weapon combat, you can always throw your secondary weapon at your enemy at the start of battle.

The downside of using secondary weapons is that they will break after a while, which is kind of pathetic. I mean, which super-villain would actually provide their minions with low-quality weapons that break faster than plastic cutlery??

Luckily, every enemy carrying a weapon will leave his weapon behind whenever you kill them. Some of you might be wondering if you will still get to control time without the Dagger of Time.

Apparently, you get to do all that you could do before and even more! The sand tanks are stored in a medallion in your armour. There are additional powers from the sand tank this time. But I’ll leave that for you to discover. ;)

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