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 19 May 2005
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Jetart JACSH1 Graphics Card Cooler Review
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The demand for better cooling for high-end graphics card will never stop. Many overclockers and gaming enthusiasts will upgrade their graphics card with better third-party coolers.

In the graphics card cooler market, the names Arctic Cooling and Zalman are familiar to many. However, you may not know that Jetart has also branched out into the graphics card cooling market.

Recently, they releases their latest product for the market - the Jetart JACSH1 graphics card cooler! And that's what we will be taking a good look at in this review! Before we start, let's take a look at a little background information on Jetart.

Jetart has been in the cooling business since 1989. They actually started out as a design house. But eventually, they started manufacturing and exporting their own cooling products. Their current product ranges cover everything from air cooling to water cooling and case mod products.

You might be wondering how this new Jetart cooler fares against popular graphics card coolers from more established companies like Zalman and Arctic Cooling. Unfortunately, we do not have any coolers from Arctic Cooling, so we won’t be able to pit the Jetart JACSH1 against the Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer. But we have the Zalman VF700AlCu and VF700Cu coolers! How will the JACSH1 fare against those two Zalman coolers? We’ll find out soon enough!

First, let’s take a close look at the product itself.



The cooler was shipped in clear retail packaging that's very suitable for display in retail stores. However, this kind of packaging will not provide the cooler with much protection. If you are going to ship this package somewhere, make sure you pack it nicely in a box.

The packaging

On the back of the cardboard insert, we can see the specifications and compatibility list.

The back of the packaging

The package was completely sealed all around so you will need to cut along the edges of the package to open it.

The corner of the packaging

When you flip open the cardboard insert, you will notice that the user manual is actually printed in there. The user manual is not really hard to understand, but they seriously need to improve the language.


Opening the package, you will find :

      • One JACSH1 cooler
      • One small tube of thermal paste
      • Eight pieces of RAM heatsinks
      • Thermal tapes for RAM heatsinks
      • Two retention clips
      • Two standoffs
      • Two screws
      • One 3-to-4 pins cable

The contents of the packaging


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