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 12 January 2015
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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ED#187 : How Well Does The Samsung S Voice Work?
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ED#187 : How Well Does The Samsung S Voice Work?

The Samsung S Voice is Samsung's answer to Apple's Siri - an intelligent personal assistant with a natural language user interface. In other words, you speak to it like you would any other person and it will interpret your commands and carry them out.

The Samsung S Voice doesn't process the voice commands on the device itself, but transfers them to a web service that interprets the commands before sending them back to the device. This web service used to be based on Vlingo but now runs on Nuance. As a result, the Samsung S Voice is completely reliant on Internet connectivity - it cannot work without Internet access.

Samsung S Voice Tests

Contest iconToday, we are going to perform a few simple tests to see how well the Samsung S Voice works on the Samsung Galaxy Gear S smartwatch. The S Voice is an important feature on the Gear S smartwatch because it can help to get a lot of things done without pecking away at the Gear S' tiny keyboard. At least, that's the idea!

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How to activate the Samsung Galaxy Gear S smartwatch without a Samsung smartphone

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Test #1 : Requesting For The Weather Report

In this example, I will issue a simple command to display the current weather report. Note that this test was done with the Samsung Galaxy Gear S connected to the Internet via WiFi.

It took the S Voice service about 23 seconds to interpret my simple "Check Weather" voice command. Then it took the Gear S smartwatch another 10 seconds to retrieve the week's weather report.

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Test #2 : Requesting For The Weather Report (Times Out!)

That's not as bad as when the S Voice service times out, as this example shows. Instead of allowing you to resend the original voice command, you must record a new voice command. Of course, there may be a reason for this...

Note that the second try resulted in a faster initiation of the instruction, so it's possible that the S Voice service didn't time out, but rather failed to interpret my accent. The change in my intonation during the second try appear to help it recognize the command faster.

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Test #3 : Dialing A Number

In this example, I used S Voice to call a telephone number. If you sync the Gear S with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you can ask S Voice to just call the person, but since I chose to run the Gear S independent of any smartphone, I had to call the number directly.

The good news is - Samsung S Voice recognized the voice command and the 10 digits correctly. The bad news is - it took 11 seconds to do so. Perhaps a change of intonation might help speed things along. An American or Korean accent might not be a bad idea, I reckon!

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Test #4 : Sending An SMS (Times Out!)

In this example, I tried to send an SMS to a fictional number. This is very important as typing out a message on the Gear S is tedious. Using S Voice is much more convenient. In fact, I prefer to use it than type.

That said, the S Voice service can time out quite often. It's possible that their servers might be overloaded. The retry did the trick though, so maybe it was just my accent...

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