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 28 March 2014
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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ED#169 : These Malware Could Be Using Your Smartphone To Mine Cryptocurrencies!
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ED#169 : These Malware Could Be Using Your Smartphone To Mine Cryptocurrencies!

Earlier this year, mobile security researchers discovered the presence of a new family of Android malware, which they called ANDROIDOS_KAGECOIN.HBT because of its ability to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, Dogecoins and Litecoins.

What's intriguing about these malware is not only the fact that they are being used to mine cryptocurrencies, it is also the way their creator appropriated code from legitimate apps to achieve his goals.

The malware creator took the CPU mining code from Crypto Miner, a legitimate Android cryptocurrency mining app (that was itself based on the open-sourced cpuminer software), and injected it into legitimate apps like Football Manager Handheld and TuneIn Radio. This allowed the malware to appear as functional copies of the real apps, while "mining" cryptocurrencies for the malware creator.

According to Veo Zhang, a Mobile Threat Analyst from Trend Micro, they hid the malicious code by modifying the Google Mobile Ads code :

Crypto Miner code hidden in Google Mobile Ads

When the infected device connects to the Internet, the mining code starts up as a background service and connects to a dynamic domain (http://flow.{BLOCKED} which redirects it to an anonymous Dogecoin mining pool. The infected apps were also configured to download a configuration file (from http://poolsaturn.{BLOCKED} which would allow the malware creator to reconfigure the mining code.

Mining pool configuration code

The malware creator apparently earned "thousands of Dogecoins" by the 17th of February, at which point he switched to the WafflePool mining pools (one of which was discovered to be tcp://eu.{BLOCKED} by updating the configuration file. Even though mobile devices are rather poor miners, his pool of miners have apparently produced a substantial amount of Bitcoins.

The malware creator recently updated the configuration file again, switching to a Litecoin mining pool - tcp://

Configuration file, showing switch into LiteCoin mining

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What Does It Do To My Device?

The affected apps function as they would normally. The only difference is the mining code will make your device work on "mining" cryptocurrencies for its creator. Now, mining cryptocurrencies on a mobile device is a bad idea for various reasons :

  • It puts the CPU under unreasonable load. Mobile phone processors are not expected to run at full load for extended periods of time. Doing so could cause the processor to overheat and malfunction, and reduce its lifespan.

  • It quickly drains battery power because it forces all of the processor's available cores to run at full speed, while transferring data via LTE / 3G or WiFi.

  • The increased thermal load from the processor and wireless chips will likely reduce their lifespans, as well as other components in the immediate area.

  • Mining requires transferring data in and out of the device, which will rapidly eat into one's mobile Internet quota, unless the device is connected to the Internet by WiFi.

In short, this malware is worse than an advertising malware, because it may actually damage your smartphone or tablet.

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How Extensive Is The Problem?

Mining Apps in Google PlayThis malware currently affects only the following Android apps at the moment, but there could be more than have this mining code hidden :

Football Manager Handheld and TuneIn Radio are not served by the Google Play store and appear to use the less sophisticated version of the malware. The mining code launches whenever the affected device is connected to the Internet.

Songs and Prized - Real Rewards & Prizes are in the Google Play store, and appear to use a more sophisticated malware, where the mining code is only activated when the device is charging. This prevents the users from noticing the heat produced by the mining activity and the greatly reduced battery life.

Cryptocurrency mining code

The same miner configuration updating feature is present, and it appears that the malware creator has recently

These apps have been downloaded millions of times, so millions of devices are possibly being misappropriated to mine crytocurrency for the malware creator.

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What Should I Do?

If you own an Android device, make sure the four apps listed above are not installed in your device. If they are, delete them.

There's no way to tell if any of the other apps you have installed are similarly affected but you should be concerned if you notice the following while your device is connected to the Internet :

  • your mobile device gets hot even when you aren't doing anything.
  • your mobile device's CPU usage is high (if you have an app to monitor it) even when you aren't doing anything.
  • your mobile device's battery life is abnormally short.
  • your mobile device is taking extraordinarily long to recharge.
  • you see a marked increase in your mobile Internet bandwidth usage.

If you notice any of the above, you should try to pinpoint the potentially infected app by removing apps from less trustworthy developers, and see if that changes anything.

If you own an Apple, Windows Phone or Blackberry smartphone, you can breathe a sigh of relief because you are not affected... yet. Laugh at your friends using Android smartphones but remember - this malware can be adapted for other platforms.

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