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 26 June 2009
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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The Microsoft Windows 7 Free Upgrade Option Program Rev. 4.1
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Windows 7 Upgrade Option Q&A Part 2

Q: There are specific rules and limits in regards to the number of available languages on a Windows 7 Upgrade Option Media?
A: No, there are no specific rules on the number of available languages on the media. Adding more languages to the media will increase the effort to create and maintain the media. Also it will degrade the setup and first user experience. The whole setup process will be slower if more languages are available on the Windows 7 Upgrade Option Media.

Q: What happens if Windows 7 will be clean installed on a system with an existing Windows VISTA installation?
A: Windows VISTA will be moved into Windows.old if the user does not format the Operating system partition.

Q: How can the Windows XP Downgrade user save his data before he runs a Windows 7 clean install with the Windows 7 Upgrade Option Media?
A: Users can run Windows Easy Transfer from the media to save their files and settings prior to a clean install. Then they can migrate their files and settings back to Windows 7.

Q: How can I migrate my files back to Windows 7 using Windows EASY Transfer after clean-installing Windows7?
A: The end user simply needs to run Windows Easy Transfer under Windows 7. The program could be found under Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools –> Windows Easy Transfer.  The first screen will ask where the old data will be located. Normally it will be an external USB driver or stick including the data. The end user need to choose the right media option. Now the important window will show up and ask for the computer, if this is the old or the new PC. All further steps are clear described on the screen.

Q: My current Windows VISTA System has BITLOCKER enabled. What does it mean for the Windows 7 Upgrade Option process?
A: The Windows 7 Upgrade process will be not supported on a BITLOCKER encrypted system. BITLOCKER needs to be disabled or suspended before the upgrade process will be started.

Q: Does the Windows 7 Upgrade process support the relocation of the Users directory and the ProgramData directory to a disk drive other than the disk drive that contains the Windows directory on a Windows Vista-based computer?
A: No, the Windows 7 Upgrade process will be blocked. Nevertheless Microsoft is investigating this topic and will provide more information as soon as it’s available. For more details please see the Knowledge Base Article 949977.

Q: Do I need to put in a Windows 7 product key during installation?
A: There is no need to put in a product key during installation.

Q: Will the OEM be able to customize the Welcome Center in Windows 7?
A: There is no WELCOME Center available in Windows 7.

Q: How can I avoid Windows 7 edition selection during the installation process?
A: The OEM may use ei.cfg to skip the edition selection page.  More details are available in the Windows 7 OPK help.

Q: Will the Windows 7 Edition selection available in all Windows 7 license models?

A: Windows 7 Edition selection will be available with the OEM version of the Windows 7 Upgrade Option Media. The retail version of the Windows 7 Upgrade Option Media will not provide a Windows 7 Edition selection during setup.


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Official Name
Overview Of The Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program


Important Program Dates
Marketing Guidance
Marketing Materials


Eligible Upgrade Paths


Possible Upgrade Options


Validation Of Program Compliance
Fulfillment Limitations
Installation Notices


Windows 7 Upgrade Option Screenshots


Windows 7 Upgrade Option Screenshots (Continued)


Windows 7 Upgrade Option Requirements
Storage Requirements


Windows 7 Upgrade Option Q&A Part 1


Windows 7 Upgrade Option Q&A Part 2


Windows 7 Upgrade Option Q&A Part 3


Impact Of E & N Versions Of Windows 7
Eligible Upgrade Paths In Europe
Inclusion Of A Web Browser


Clean Installation Requirement For E & N Versions


Media Delivery
Product Activation
Upgrade Media Bill Of Materials

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