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 12 June 2012
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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240 GB Intel 520 Series Solid State Drive Review
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Intel Solid State Drives

Intel is one of the world's leading manufacturers of solid state drives (SSDs) and NAND flash memory chips - the very foundation of solid state drives and USB flash drives. In fact, they offer one of the widest range of solid state drives in the market :

(Compressible Data)

Intel 520 Series

60 GB

120 GB

180 & 240 GB

480 GB

Random 4 KB Read (maximum)




Random 4 KB Write (maximum)



Random 4 KB Write (average)





Sequential Read Speed (maximum)

550 MB/s

Sequential Write Speed (maximum)

475 MB/s

500 MB/s

520 MB/s

  • Intel Solid-State Drive 910 Series
    - PCIe-based high-performance storage to accelerate data center servers and cloud storage.
  • Intel Solid-State Drive 710 Series
    - High-endurance 2.5" SSDs for data servers
  • Intel Solid-State Drive 520 and 510 Series
    - High-performance 2.5" SSDs for desktops and notebooks
  • Intel Solid-State Drive 330, 320 Series
    - Mainstream 2.5" SSDs for desktops and notebooks
  • Intel Solid-State Drive 313 and 311 Series
    - Value-grade 2.5" SSDs for desktops and notebooks
  • Intel Solid-State Drive 310 Series
    - Value-grade mSATA SSDs for netbooks

The Intel 520 Series consists of 5 models of different capacities and performance ratings. On the right, we have a brief summary of the different Intel 520 series solid-state drives.

As you can see, the 180 GB and 240 GB models are popular choices because they not only offer the best performance characteristics in the Intel 520 family but also a reasonable amount of storage capacity at a relatively affordable price.

Today, we will be reviewing the 240 GB model from the Intel Solid-State Drive 520 Series - the Intel SSDSC2CW240. So let's find out how well this solid state drive performs!



Intel sent us the retail version of the 240 GB Intel 520 Series solid-state drive, which came in a nice blue-coloured cardboard box. The same box is used for all Intel 520 Series solid-state drives so be sure to check the storage capacity, which is listed on the box on the front and side labels.

Inside, you will find a brown cardboard box. On opening it, you will fit the solid state drive sitting in a cardboard cut-out, with its accessories in a compartment below. When you take everything out, this is what you should find :

  • One Intel 520 Series solid state drive (240 GB)
  • One 3.5" adaptor bracket with 8 screws
  • One set of SATA 6 Gb/s data and power cables
  • One set of installation instructions in printed form and CD
  • One Speed Demon case sticker


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240 GB Intel 520 Series SSD Overview


Intel Solid State Drives, Packaging


The 240 GB Intel 520 Series SSD
Usable Capacity, Specifications


The SSD Controller, The Flash Memory
Solid State Drive Maintenance


Testing The 240 GB Intel 520 SSD
Maximum Surface Temperature
Transfer Rate Profile


WinBench 99 Test Results
Transfer Rate Range


IO Meter Random Access Performance


IO Meter Sequential Access Performance


IOPS Scaling (Random Access)


IOPS Scaling (Sequential Access)


AS SSD Benchmark Results


ATTO Disk Benchmark Results


Conclusion, Award, Lowest Price

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