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 03 February 2005
 Ken Ng
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ASUS S-presso SFF System Review
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Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs are becoming more and more of a trend these days. And with the launch of S-presso, ASUS has officially jumped on the SFF bandwagon.

So, with the addition of ASUS, it seems that almost all the motherboard manufacturers are starting to produce their own SFF PCs!


ASUS S-presso

The name S-presso is a direct reference to the coffee version; espresso. Here's what ASUS has to say on it. "Just like a cup of Espresso, this all-new desktop solution is compact and rich in flavor. The ASUS S-presso provides excellent support for quality 3D graphics, multimedia entertainment and high-speed processing all in a stylish casing."

ASUS S-presso S1-P111

The S-presso is being put forth as a centrepiece of entertainment. That means that its main purpose is as a central media and entertainment system that is suitable as an addition to your home entertainment system.

Therefore, not only does it need to function as an entertainment system (think DVD players), it also has to look nice enough to complement the array of amplifiers, big screen TVs and whatever decorations you have in your living room!

To cater to a broader range of consumers, ASUS has released two models of the S-presso: The higher end S1-P111 comes equiped with additional features such as an LED touch-sensitive screen, TV tuner, remote control and more, while the S1-P112 is much like any other SFF system in the market.

ASUS was kind enough to loan us a S1-P111 to review, and so, without further delay, let's see if the ASUS S-presso has what it takes to be the centerpiece of digital entertainment, as it claims.



The ASUS S-presso came in a huge box, which was also quite heavy! So my first impression of the S-presso was that it will be quite heavy to lug around. This somewhat reminds me of the MSI's MEGA SFF, which was also quite heavy.

S-presso in box

So it was a good thing that the box came with a plastic handle for carrying around! Otherwise, you would need to carry it from the bottom!

Well, the design of the box is pretty regular: just a simple black-and-white box with images of the S-presso plastered all over the four sides.

Side view of the box

Opening the box reveals how ASUS has packed the S-presso. As you can see, PU foam is fast becoming the preferred choice for packaging computer components nowadays! It is, of course, a good choice, as the foam is well-suited for protecting the product from damagesduring shipping.

Opening the box
The S-presso all packed up

The box you see immediately after you open the box holds all the loose parts of the S-presso, and also the manuals and installation CDs. We shall examine all these in details in the next few pages.

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