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 07 March 2005
 PDP Systems
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Patriot 1GB 3200+ XBL Dual Channel Memory Kit Review
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PDP Systems, Inc. is relatively new in the high performance memory market. I wouldn't be surprised if you have never heard of them until now.

PDP Systems was founded in 1985 and is based in Silicon Valley, California. They produce all kinds of memory solutions ranging from DRAM components, flash memory, to even ATI graphics cards!

PDP Systems decided to venture into the high performance memory market just over a year ago with what they called Patriot Memory. Patriot Memory comes in 3 different product lines :

      • EP (Extreme Performance)
      • DC (Dual Channel)
      • SL (Signature Line)

The first two are their high performance series, while the latter are targeted at gaming enthusiasts. The EP and DC series are almost identical. The only difference is that DC modules are matched and pretested dual-channel memory kits for dual-channel motherboards.

The Patriot Memory has a rather wide range of memory modules covering those three product lines. They range from the lowly PC2700 up to the leading-edge PC2-5600 DDR2 modules.

The PDC1G3200+XBLK dual-channel kit is a pair of rather unique modules. These are the first memory modules marketed as 'dual speed'-capable. That means that these modules are rated as fully capable of either running at PC3200 at tight timings or PC4200 at loose timings.

By now, you should know what's underneath the heatspreader! Yup, these are yet another pair of Samsung TCCD-based modules.



The packaging is almost identical to Corsair's - transparent plastic. But it seems like PDP Systems's packaging uses slightly softer plastic.

The packaging design allows the buyer to look at the modules directly without the need to remove it first, which is good for retail displays. But this means the package will require extra protection if you are to buy one online.

Fortunately, the packaging is similar to Corsair, which allows you to reuse it. Excellent!

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