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 20 April 2008
 Cooler Master
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CoolerMaster Hyper212 Dual-Fan CPU Cooler Review
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Today we will be reviewing the Coolermaster Hyper212 CPU cooler. The Hyper212 is one of a few coolers that currently allows the use of two 120 mm fans. The second fan is optional, of course. But we will examine how this second fan affects the performance of the Hyper212.

The Hyper212 will be compared against another cooler in its price range - the Scythe Katana 2, as well as the Intel stock cooler that came with the Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 processor. Let’s not waste any time and take a look at the Hyper212's specifications and then proceed with the review.



Supported CPU Sockets

• Socket LGA775 (Intel)
• Socket AM2 (AMD)
• Socket 940/939/754 (AMD)

Heatsink Dimensions

• 122 mm wide
• 92 mm deep
• 160 mm high

Heatsink Construction

• Copper base
• Aluminium fins
• Four heatpipes

Hearpipe Dimensions

• 6 mm diameter

Fan Dimensions

• 120 mm wide
• 120 mm deep
• 25 mm high

Fan Speed

• 2000 RPM

Fan Air Flow Speed

• 69.69 CFM

Fan Air Pressure

• 2.94 mm H2O

Fan Bearing Type

• Long-Life Sleeve Bearing

Fan Life Expectancy

• 50,000 Hours

Fan Noise Level

• 19 dBA

Fan Power Connector

• 3-pin

Fan Rated Voltage

• 12 V

Fan Start Voltage

• 7 V

Fan Operating Voltage

• 10.8~13.2 V

Fan Rated Current

• 0.35 A

Fan Input Power

• 4.2 W

Total Weight

• 710 g

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