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 23 November 2006
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The Tech ARP CPU Cooler Round-Up
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Thermalright HR-01

The Fins

The fins are thicker than what we have seen in the other heatsinks in this round-up. They are about 0.3-0.4mm thick, which makes the HR-01 a lot more sturdier. Perhaps, it is a necessity considering its height.

The space between the fins is also significantly larger. The fins also have small perforations. They all improve airflow through the fins, which is important if you intend to use it passively (without a fan). However, the HR-01 has fewer fins than many other heatsinks.

This shot has a great view of the many perforations in the HR-01 fins that improve air flow particularly in the passive cooling mode.

The surface area remains the same though, as the flips from the perforations remain. So, they serve as mini-fins that should improve the heatsink's performance.


Heatsink Base

The heatsink base does not have a mirror finish. It actually has a similar finish to the XP-120, where the machine marks are clearly visible.

However, the base is very flat. Again, that's far more important than a mirror finish.


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