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 06 October 2005
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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Intel Mobility Party Report
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Fashion Show

We were then treated to a spectacular fashion show. The models were scrumptious, especially in their Top Shop and Top Man outfits. It made our excruciatingly painful journey to Zouk worthwhile.

Top Shop & Top Man models parading their stuff!

Unfortunately, none of us bozos brought our cameras. So, we only have the photo above to show you the kind of show they were putting out at Zouk. I will try to source more pictures of the fashion show and post them here later.


Notebook Bag Design Winners!

After the fashion show, the models proceeded to showcase the ten notebook bags. They took turns parading with a notebook bag to show how well each design looks with their outfits. Then it was time to announce the winners.

The third prize went to Choy Kim Fatt for his design called "Funky Denim"! Believe me - it looks like a pair of real denim shorts from the front and the back! He walked away with cash and vouchers worth RM 1000 (USD 270).

Choy Kim Fatt and his Funky Denim!

His compatriot, Tay Jing Fong, won second place with his design "Living Batik". It incorporates a piece of genuine batik with a faux leather bag. Very artistic! For his efforts, he walked away with cash and vouchers worth RM 2000 (USD 540).

Tay Jing Fong and his Living Batik!

And.... the top prize went to Tay Kian Khuan, a 21-year old designer who came up with the concept he named "N-pack". This design emphasized on minimalism and simplicity when it comes to both aesthetic and functional needs.

Tay Kian Khuan and N-pack!

The notebook bag features a hard outer case with a Duratex interior to protect the notebook against physical damage. It also comes with a hidden mouse pad that can be extended when required. Very innovative! Thanks to his N-pack design, he walked away with an Intel Centrino-based notebook worth RM 4,500 (USD 1216)!

But no one walked away empty-handed as everyone else received cash and vouchers worth RM 500 (USD 135)!



With that, the Intel Mobility Campaign came to a close. The modelling runway was removed and it was time to party!!!

We were all very impressed with the show that Intel and their partners put out for this grand finale. You can count on us being there at the next Intel event!



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