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 30 July 2004
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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SimpleTech PC3700 Nitro Dual-Channel Kit Review
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Opening The Package

After slicing off the crimped edges of the packaging, I managed to open up the packaging like a clam shell. But you needn't go to all that trouble unless you want to take product shots like this.

On the reverse side of the back label, SimpleTech has printed basic installation steps for the memory modules, registration and support information as well as details on the lifetime warranty.

Each Nitro module is actually encased within its own plastic packaging. This provides additional shock as well as static protection for the memory module.

Unfortunately, just like the outer packaging, this inner packaging cannot be re-used. If you look closely, the module packaging is held by a crimp.

To get to the memory module, you have to tear that crimped part. Once you do that, you can't really use the module packaging again, unless you use rubber bands or tape.

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