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 13 December 2005
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Thermalright SI-97 GPU Cooler Mod Guide Rev. 2.1
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The SI-97 Mod On A GeForce 6800 LE

Based on our guide, sbohdan successfully modded his Thermalright SI-97 heatsink to fit an NVIDIA GeForce 6800 LE! This proves that the SI-97 mod is possible on GeForce 6800 series of cards. We are grateful to him for allowing us to showcase the SI-97 mod on his GeForce 6800 LE card.

He used the following items for his mod :

  • One NVIDIA GeForce 6800 LE graphics card
  • One Thermalright SI-97 heatsink
  • One Zalman OP-1 fan
  • Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste
  • Four 3 cm long bolts
  • One temperature probe

sbohdan chose to use the stock heatsink of his GeForce 6800 LE to secure the SI-97's base against the GPU. First, he attached the four 3cm long bolts onto the stock heatsink using nuts.

Next, he placed the stock heatsink over the GPU and attached it to the back bracket using the bolts. He left some space between the stock heatsink and the GPU for the SI-97's base to slide in.

Then, he slid the SI-97's base in between the stock heatsink and the GPU, before tightening the bolts to ensure the SI-97's base is tightly fitted against the GPU.

Unlike my mod in the previous pages, he did not use epoxy glue to bond the stock heatsink to the SI-97 permanently. He even reused the stock cooler's fan, using it to cool the memory chips and the SI-97's base.

He then used the top cover of the stock cooler as a template to create a smaller duplicate out of the plastic packaging of the Zalman OP-1 fan.

He used the plastic piece to cover the stock cooler's fan. This allows the fan to function as a proper blower.

He then installed the stock fan onto the card. This allowed it to suck in cool air and blow it across the memory chips and the base of the SI-97 heatsink. This is how it looks like after the mod.

sbohdan tested his mod using the temperature probe and here are his findings :

Stock Cooler
SI-97 Cooler
At Idle
34.0 °C
26.5 °C
- 7.5 °C
At Load
59.0 °C
40.1 °C
- 18.9 °C

But that's not the end. Let's see what else he did!


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