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 11 November 2004
 Creative Labs
 Multimedia Devices
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Creative Zen Portable Media Center Review
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MP3 players have been around for a while now. The most recognized, of course, is the Apple iPod. And ever since then, we have had portable music players of all shapes and sizes.

However, all they do is essentially the same thing - allow you to take your music wherever you go in a convenient little device. But why settle for just music when we are now entering a new era, the era of portable video players!

Manufacturers now feel that users are no longer satisfied with just plain music. So, they're coming out with devices that allow you to bring video as well as audio along with you for you entertainment on the road!

I've just managed to acquire the first of such devices available here in Malaysia. Yes, I know about the various Archos and iRiver devices, but we can't get them here! The subject of today's review is the Creative Zen Portable Media Center!


The Creative Zen

The Zen is one of the first three Portable Media Centers available in the market. But while Creative is responsible for the Zen hardware, the software is made by, if you haven't already guessed by now, no other than Microsoft!

Yup... I can hear some of you mumbling great... more Microsoft crap again! Well, those of you who hate all things associated with Microsoft might as well click the back button on your browser now. For the rest of us, let's take a closer look at the device.

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