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 28 January 2008
 Mobile Devices
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Samsung SGH-D880 Dual SIM Mobile Phone Review
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About Samsung

Samsung is a Korean consumer electronics manufacturer with a wide range of products from televisions and home-theatre systems to home appliances and computer-related products. They also have a mobile phone division. BusinessWeek currently ranks Samsung as the world's no. 1 company in consumer electronics.

Apart from being very aggressive in marketing their products, Samsung is also renowned for their design-centric approach in their products. They do not only focus on making quality products that work well and last long, but also make sure they look very contemporary and stylish.

When it comes to mobile phones, Samsung is now the world's second-largest mobile phone company, right behind Nokia. Coming into this position is not easy, as long-standing mobile phone giant Motorola has been hogging the No. 2 spot for a long time. It is quite a feat for Samsung, a relative newcomer, to overtake them so soon.


Dual SIM Mobiles

In today's world where mobile phones have become so affordable, many people have multiple mobile accounts and hence, multiple SIM cards. There are a couple of reasons for this.

Many users want to separate their work and personal lives, and having two separate mobile accounts certainly help. Many companies also provide their employees with a mobile account for official use, so their employees have to get a separate account for their personal use.

Frequent travellers also purchase multiple SIM cards, one for each locale, as this allows them to benefit from cheaper local call rates. Even local users may want to get two mobile lines from different carriers just to benefit from lower costs and/or signal coverage and strength.

However, juggling multiple mobile lines (and SIM cards) have always been problematic as it required the purchase and use of multiple mobile phones. Even if cost is not a problem, it's quite a hassle to lug along two or more mobile phones. In the current age of convergence (combining functions of various devices into a single device), bringing two mobile phones with us everyday is really something that has us going back to the 'stone age'.

Why carry a compact digital camera with you when your phone can also snap pictures? Why carry an address book and paper planner with you when your phone has PDA functions as well? All this boils down to getting more with less. If we can have one phone that can function as two, then why bother with two separate phones?

This is exactly the reason for the birth of the new Samsung SGH-D880 mobile phone. Codenamed DUOS for it's dual SIM functionality, it is aimed at those who want a dual SIM mobile phone that's powerful, sleek and attractive. Let's check it out!



The Samsung SGH-D880 comes in the typically sleek Samsung retail cardboard packaging. Those who like well-designed packaging will definitely love it. Obviously, marketing plays a big part in Samsung's plans.

For techies though, the most important item lies within the box. Inside, the contents were secured within a moulded cardboard frame. We found the following items :

  • 1 x Samsung SGH-D880 mobile phone
  • 1 x Samsung SGH-D880 charger
  • 1 x Samsung SGH-D880 software CD
  • 1 x Samsung SGH-D880 user guide
  • 1 x Samsung stereo headset/handsfree-kit
  • 1 x Samsung USB data cable

Basically, the usual package of basic accessories you will find with most mobile phones.

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