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 19 May 2008
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ED#90 : Second Generation iPhone Details Leaked!
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ED#90 : Second Generation iPhones To Use Titanium!

It's been quite some time since the first generation of Apple iPhones was released, which took the world by storm even though it was only officially launched and made available in a few countries. Now Apple is getting ready to take the world by storm again with Apple set to reveal details of the second-generation iPhones this June!

We recently spoke to an executive involved in the production of the upcoming iPhone Gen 2. He/she naturally wishes to remain anonymous, but during the course of that meeting, we were able to elicit many details about the second-generation Apple iPhone that would certainly keep many iPhone fans awake with anticipation over its eventual release.

Check it out!


Titanium Alloy Skin!

The current generation of Apple iPhones have a very robust and scratch-resistant screen, albeit one that is likely to die within 3-6 months. However, the rest of the iPhone, which is made from anodized metal is very prone to scratches and even dents. To correct that, Apple will employ a scratch-resistant titanium alloy coating on the back cover of the second-generation iPhone.

The high strength of the titanium coating will prevent all but the hardest scratches. It may not seem like much, but it should also drastically reduce the likelihood of dents to the cover when you drop the iPhone. Finally, we will be able to carry our iPhones in our pockets, without having to resort to protecting them with ugly, bulky cases. So, case manufacturers of iPhone cases better watch out!


In Production

More importantly, we were told that the product design for the second-generation Apple iPhone had been finalized and mass production is currently underway. From our discussion with the executive regarding production timelines, we estimated that the earliest time of availability is likely to be in September 2008.

However, the actual availability of the second-generation iPhone could be much sooner. A clue may be the sudden inavailability of the first-generation iPhone at the Apple Store. Also, Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone as early as next month at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).





Titanium Alloy Skin!
In Production


The New Design
Is It Worth Upgrading To?
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