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 08 March 2004
 Input Devices
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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Fantasy Mini Mouse Review
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The Mouse

The Fantasy Mini Mouse is a two-button USB optical mouse with a scroll wheel. It comes in two versions. The version I am reviewing has a resolution of 400 CPI (Counts Per Inch). There is a more advanced version that has a resolution of 800 CPI.

As you can see above, the mini mouse looks very compact, especially when the cable is fully retracted. Here is the side profile of the mouse :-

The scroll wheel actually glows a cool blue when active. You can see the light from the LED leaking through the semi-transparent lower part of the mouse.

Just in case you are wondering, the scroll wheel has a ratcheting action.

At the bottom of the mouse, you can see a label with the model type and number as well as the power requirements (5V, 20mA). Like many things, this mouse was made in China.

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