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 26 December 2014
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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ED#186 : Experiencing The Samsung Gear S Smart Watch At The Samsung Gear S Spy Camp! Rev. 2.0
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ED#186 : Experiencing The Samsung Gear S Smart Watch At The Samsung Gear S Spy Camp!

Recently, I was invited to the Samsung Gear S Spy Camp that was held in Port Dickson on the 18th of December, 2014. Since that would give me some real hands-on time with the Samsung Gear S smartwatch, I could not miss this opportunity. Check out what I experienced during the Samsung Gear S Spy Camp!

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Our "Live" Report

The following was our live report that was originally posted on our Facebook page.

We're now headed to the Samsung Gear S spy camp!

Samsung Gear S Spy Camp

Arrived at our destination - Lexis Port Dickson!

Samsung Gear S Spy Camp

Look at all those Samsung Gear S smartwatches!

Samsung Gear S Spy Camp

Hmm... Who's going to get unit #007???

Samsung Gear S Spy Camp

The Samsung Gear S Spy Camp briefing is about to start...

Samsung Gear S Spy Camp

Before going on a mission, espionage agents need to "gear up"!

Every secret agent received a Samsung Gear S smartwatch and a Samsung Gear Circle headset for the upcoming mission...

Samsung Gear S Spy Camp

The first task was to locate the paired Samsung mobile phone...

Samsung Gear S Spy Camp

Searching... Searching...

Samsung Gear S Spy Camp

And it found the Samsung Galaxy Alpha it was paired with! Now off to start the mission!

Samsung Gear S Spy Camp

Okay, we are not going to go through the mission because it was intensive and we didn't have time to take photos and post updates. But it was a well-designed mission that made use of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone, together with the Samsung Gear S smartwatch as well as the Samsung Gear Circle headset.

The tasks that we were given required the use of one of the three Samsung devices. Needless to say, it was a great way to experience and evaluate the features of those three devices.

After that, we retired for some R&R and more personal hands-on time with the three Samsung devices.

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Pairing The Samsung Gear S With An Apple iPhone

W00T!!! I successfully paired the Samsung Gear S with my Apple iPhone 6 - which Samsung says is not possible.

You can check out how we did it in our article, How To Activate The Samsung Galaxy Gear S Smartwatch Without A Samsung Smartphone.

The downside though is the limited usability. So far I managed to make calls on the iPhone 6 through the Gear S, but it looks like SMS is out and so are the other Samsung-specific features.

Samsung Gear S Spy Camp

After a night of trying to get the Samsung Gear S to do more with the Apple iPhone 6, I learned a lot more but the Gear S ran out of power due to an unforeseen issue.

More on that later but it has nothing to do with the way the Gear S is supposed to be used, but how it hooks up with the iPhone 6.

Samsung Gear S Spy Camp

The Samsung Gear S charges pretty fast. A 20 minute charge got me from 20% to about 42%. Then the add on battery pack (which was empty but being recharged at the same time) trickle-charged it to 56% after that.

Samsung Gear S Spy Camp

We will have more coverage of the Samsung Gear S after this, so check back here or the main page later!

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Revision History



Initial Release.



Corrected mistakes with the pictures.
Added a link to the guide on hacking the Gear S to run independently, or with non-Samsung smartphones.

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