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 11 January 2005
 Jason Wong
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Clievideo Palm Webcam Review
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I have never been a big fan of integrated cameras in PDAs, specifically the Sony CLIE TH55. Well, I agree that to a certain extend, it was more convenient to snap shots using the integrated camera when I did not have a digital camera with me.

However, the picture quality was far from satisfactory, especially in poor light. There was also focus problems where the picture corners tend to blur. Sometimes, I wish manufacturers would just remove such mediocre cameras from their PDAs and pass on the savings to the end users.

Having said that, I stumbled across a software that totally changed my perception of integrated cameras in PDAs like the CLIE TH55. Now, I'm beginning to appreciate my TH55's built-in camera.


Palm Webcam

This incredible software is none other than Clievideo's Palm Webcam. As the name suggests, it allows specific Palm OS devices to use their integrated cameras as web cams with Windows! Now, isn't that something interesting? Your PDA can now double up as a mobile webcam!

When I first heard about this software, I wondered if I would really make use of a webcam. That is, until I read the part that says 'Can be used with MSN Messenger, Yahoo...'!

Unbelievable! This means I can now use my Palm's internal camera as a webcam on major chat applications!

Well, obviously you can also use it with other webcam-enabled applications. But the only webcam-enabled application available on my PC at the time of review was MSN Messenger.



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