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 05 October 2004
 Gaming Devices
 Jeremy Tan (Sk||tz)
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Steelpad S&S Professional Gaming Mouse Pad Review
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Even if you just had a quick look at the Steelpad S&S' specifications, it's clear that this mouse pad is going to take up a significant amount of desktop real estate. In fact, it is by far the biggest mouse pad we have reviewed to date!

To put Steel's generosity in providing such a massive amount space to track on in perspective, the size of the mouse pad itself is almost similar to the display area of a 17" LCD monitor, if not bigger! Therefore, users with very limited desktop space should look elsewhere.



The surface appears to have a medium grain. This translates into a moderate level of tactile feedback. It is surprising to find that the surface still worked wonders, even for mice with worn out feet. But Steel recommends that worn-out mouse feet should be replaced to avoid scratches appearing on the pad surface.

If you are worried about your worn-out mouse feet scratching your precious Steelpad S&S, Steel has that covered. They actually included a pack of complimentary S&S Padsurfers in the package!

The Padsurfers are essentially replacement feet for your mouse. Once you fix them over your mouse feet, they will be as good as brand new!

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