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 25 January 2011
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 500 GB Portable Hard Disk Drive (USB 3.0) Review Rev. 2.0
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Seagate External Hard Disk Drives

Seagate has a wide variety of external storage solutions, from network-attached storage (NAS) to the ubiquitous USB hard disk drives. Even when it comes to USB hard disk drives, Seagate offers a plethora of choices.

If you want something simple and affordable, try the Seagate Expansion series. If you want a thinner form-factor, or a sleeker case, try the "regular" Seagate FreeAgent series of desktop and portable external hard disk drives. For those who want the best there is, with the option to upgrade to faster interfaces, Seagate offers the FreeAgent GoFlex family of drives.

In the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex family, you can opt for the Seagate GoFlex Desk 3.5" external drive if you want the large storage capacity possible and do not mind a larger form factor. If you prefer a portable drive, then you can go with either the Seagate GoFlex or Seagate GoFlex Pro 2.5" external drives. The difference between the two is that the Pro version has a dock and comes with premium backup and encryption software.

Today, we will be looking at the Seagate GoFlex 500 GB portable external hard disk drive. It boasts the following features :

  • Upgradable to faster USB 3.0, FireWire or eSATA interfaces.
  • Upgradable with a continuous, automatic backup kit.
  • Able to share files by pairing it with the Seagate GoFlex Net media sharing device.
  • Docks directly into the Seagate GoFlex TV HD media player.
  • Option to purchase only the drive (without the cable).

Now, let's take a look and see how this portable hard disk drive fares against the competition!



The Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 500 GB portable hard disk drive comes in a compact, printed cardboard box. The drive's storage capacity and interface is printed clearly at the lower right corner on the front, with the key features listed on the back of the box.

Inside, you will find a quick start guide and a warranty information sheet, and under them, the 500 GB FreeAgent GoFlex drive nestled within a clear plastic tray. Basically, this FreeAgent GoFlex kit consists of :

  • the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 500 GB portable hard disk drive,
  • the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex USB 2.0 interface adaptor with 18-inch cable,
  • a Quick Start Guide,
  • a warranty information sheet.


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Seagate External Hard Disk Drives, Packaging


The 500 GB FreeAgent GoFlex
Usable Capacity, Specifications


A Closer Look


The USB 3.0 Upgrade Kit


Testing The FreeAgent GoFlex


Surface Temperature, Transfer Rate Profile


WinBench 99 Test Results, Transfer Rate Range


IO Meter Random Access Performance


IO Meter Sequential Access Performance


USB 3.0 In USB 2.0 Mode (Random Access)


USB 3.0 In USB 2.0 Mode (Sequential Access)



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