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 11 November 2004
 Creative Labs
 Multimedia Devices
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Creative Zen Portable Media Center Review
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Of Bricks And Game Boy Advances

When you see the device, the first thing you will most likely think of is damn, that's a big.....

The Zen is humongous if you compare it with any other portable media player. It measures 114mm x 80.7mm x 27mm. Still don't have any idea how big it is? Next time you see a kid playing a Game Boy Advance, pick it up. The Zen is almost the same size as the GBA.


The Display Screen

There is a good reason for this though. Remember, this is not just an audio player, it is also a VIDEO player as well. And to watch videos, you will want a nice big screen that you don't have to squint at.

In the case of the Zen, it comes equipped with a 3.8" TFT LCD screen with a resolution of 320x240. It looks great, head on but doesn't have a terribly-wide viewing angle, particularly if you look at it at an angle from the right of the device. The backlight just washes out the display. It will be a problem for people to watch something on the display together.

The screen appears to be a sidelit reflective display. So it is still very usable, even under direct sunlight! However, I don't think it's a transreflective screen since there's a washout effect when you look at it from an angle.



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