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 09 June 2004
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FPIO2 Mod Guide
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The NVIDIA nForce2 chipset has been with us for quite some time now. Motherboards based on this chipset are well-known for their high performance, stability and most of all, their overclockability. The ABIT NF7 series (NF7, NF7-M, NF7-S) of motherboards is feature-packed and very popular with overclockers and enthusiasts due to its competitive price, stability and features.

With today's jumperless setup technology, we don't need to bother much with jumper settings, compared to the good old days. The ABIT NF7 has relatively few jumpers, most of which many users needn't be bothered with. Well, except for the CMOS reset jumper!

But jumpers will come in handy in this mod guide. If you take a closer look at the NF7-series of motherboards, you will notice a FPIO2 header on the motherboard (refer to user manual page 3-15).

The location of the FPIO2 is as in the picture below.

The FPIO2 header is somewhat based on the Intel standard 10-pin connector. As stated in the manual, the FPIO2 header was designed for the ABIT Media XP, which is a 5.25" front panel with the following features:

      • Memory Stick, Secure Digital, Compact flash I/II card reader
      • USB 2.0 & IEEE 1394 ports
      • S/PDIF, headphone, microphone and line-in jacks
      • Remote control

More details about the Media XP can be found in the ABIT website. This is a good product that allows access to various ports, jacks and a card reader, all accessible from the front panel that is mounted in a 5.25" drive bay. Unfortunately, this product is not easily available here in Malaysia.

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