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 07 July 2015
 Mobile Devices
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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Samsung Galaxy S6 edge (SM-G925) Smartphone Review
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Geekbench 3 (Single-Core)

Geekbench 3 (Single-Core)


Geekbench 3 (Multi-Core)

Geekbench 3 (Multi-Core)

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From the moment we saw the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, we fell in love with it. It was unique, it was fresh and more importantly - it was bold. Instead of chasing Apple, Samsung went all-out this time and spared no expense in making the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge the very best smartphone they can create.

It boasts the very latest technologies available out there - from brand-new Corning Gorilla Glass 4, wireless charging, and the Sony IMX240 Exmor RS BSI sensor to the best Super AMOLED display they can produce. They literally threw everything but the kitchen sink into a device that is just a little taller than the Apple iPhone 6.

There is no doubt in our mind that, ecosystems aside, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is technologically superior to the Apple iPhone 6 in practically all aspects. In fact, we wrote a specific article that details the 6 key things that the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge does better than the Apple iPhone 6.

We were most impressed with its beautiful Super AMOLED display that boasts an incredible pixel density of 557 pixels per inch, and its amazing 16 MP main camera. That's why the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge immediately replaced the Apple iPhone 6 as our smartphone of choice when we cover official and personal events. It is also a great conversation starter whenever we meet people. <wink! wink!>

It's not perfect, of course. The beautiful curved edges make for a more difficult grip for some people, and more accidental triggers of the touch screen for others. The Edge Screen functionality itself is of limited use, so if you choose the Galaxy S6 edge over the Galaxy S6, it will be because you want something more than a smartphone, you want a work of art. As they say, art isn't just expensive, art is sometimes difficult.

The Galaxy S6 edge also comes with just 3 GB of RAM. In our opinion, that isn't good enough for a top-of-the-line smartphone, especially when the much cheaper ASUS ZenFone 2 sports 4 GB of RAM. This isn't just about the numbers. It makes a huge difference in our ability to take full advantage of the Galaxy S6 edge's capabilities. With just 515 MB of free RAM for your apps to use, you will quickly wish that Samsung went with 4 GB of RAM instead...

The biggest gripe users might have after prolonged use is how quickly it heats up and runs out of power when you take pictures and video. You will want to pack a power bank with you, if you are looking to take photos or videos. I also dislike the fact that it would stop recording a video clip after 33-38 minutes. The recording time limit varies, probably because it was being triggered by the sensor overheating. Users would be well-advised to be aware of this problem and time their video clips accordingly.

Despite these flaws, there's no denying that the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, as well as its Samsung Galaxy S6 brother, are the most advanced Android smartphones on the market. Keeping these issues in mind, we have no qualms recommending the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge to anyone looking for the ultimate Android 5.0 smartphone that doubles as a work of art.

In fact, we love the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge so much, we are giving it our Editor's Choice Award. Congratulations, Samsung!

Reviewer's Choice Award

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Review


Introduction, Specification Comparison
Unboxing The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge


Beauty Personified, Looks Are Deceiving
How Does It Feel In The Hand?


Fingerprint Sensor, Microphone & Ports
The Cameras, Charging Speed


The Edge Screen, Available RAM
The Internal Storage


Benchmarking The Galaxy S6 edge
AnTuTu Benchmark Results


Geekbench 3 Benchmark Results
Conclusion, Award, Lowest Prices

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