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 24 April 2015
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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The Internet Censorship Bypass Guide
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The Internet Censorship Bypass Guide

Despite its Wild West start, Internet censorship has become a part of our online lives. Practically all government censor the Internet in one form or another, even those that promise not to.

Bypassing Internet Censorship

In 1999, the Malaysian government under Tun Dr. Mahathir launched the Multimedia Super Corridor. To garner foreign investment and support, he promised that the Malaysian government would never censor the Internet. Yet, today, contrary to the Multimedia Act, the Malaysian government actively censors the Internet, usually targeting political websites whose opinions it does not agree with.

Malaysian Internet censorship message

Of course, this is not just the Malaysian experience. Internet censorship is prevalent everywhere. It's just a matter of what and how much of the Internet is being blocked.

This guide seeks to build up a database of methods by which the common Internet user can easily bypass such censorship. We will start with the most common bypass method - switching the DNS servers, and add more over time.

What is DNS?

DNS is short for "Domain Name System". It is the system which translates a website's domain name (like to the actual IP address used by the website's server. Without it, your web browser will not be able to communicate with the website's server.

What is DNS Blocking?

Your ISP can block access to a website by simply deleting its DNS entry, or set it to point to its own server which would display a warning or information page like the one shown above.

How do we bypass DNS Blocking?

Your ISP can only delete / redirect a website's DNS entry in its own DNS servers. To bypass such a "block", you will need to switch to an independent DNS service like Google DNS or OpenDNS.


Bypassing DNS Blocking In Microsoft Windows 8

  1. Once you are logged in, click on the Desktop tile, or press Windows + D.

Bypassing DNS Blocking in Microsoft Windows 8

  1. On the lower right corner of the desktop, look for the WiFi or LAN icon, and right-click on it.

  2. You will be offered the following two options. Select Open Network and Sharing Center.

Bypassing DNS Blocking in Microsoft Windows 8

  1. In the Network and Sharing Center, you will see your WiFi or LAN connection listed. Click on it.

Bypassing DNS Blocking in Microsoft Windows 8

  1. In the Wi-Fi Status (or LAN Status) pop-up window, click on the Properties button at the lower left corner.

Bypassing DNS Blocking in Microsoft Windows 8

  1. In the Wi-Fi Properties (or LAN Properties) pop-up window, double-click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). Alternatively, click once on it, and then click on the Properties button below.

Bypassing DNS Blocking in Microsoft Windows 8

  1. In the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) pop-up window, select the Use the following DNS server addresses: radio button.

  2. Then key in the following numbers for Google DNS. Alternatively, you can use OpenDNS - and

Bypassing DNS Blocking in Microsoft Windows 8

  1. Click OK and close all open windows. Your computer will now be using the new Google DNS or OpenDNS servers, instead of the DNS servers maintained by your service provider.

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The Internet Censorship Bypass Guide


Internet Censorship
Bypassing DNS Blocking In Microsoft Windows 8


Bypassing DNS Blocking In Microsoft Windows 7
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