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 04 June 2008
 Technology Report
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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NVIDIA Tegra - Intel Atom's Silver Bullet? Rev. 2.0
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NVIDIA Presents The Tegra

NVIDIA brought in the big guns, like Rob Csongor, Vice President of Corporate Marketing...

And NVIDIA's General Manager of the Mobile Business Unit, Michael Rayfield.

Compared to the notebook, the Apple iPhone offers better entertainment performance per watt while Blackberry phones offer greater productivity. The NVIDIA Tegra promises to offer both in a smaller package.

The NVIDIA Tegra will be only 144 sq. mm in size and offer the capability to decode 1080p HD video at less than 1 watt.

And it does this with up to 10X the performance of the upcoming Intel Atom at 1/10th of the size and power consumption.

The Intel Atom board will be about 10X larger and consume about 10 watts of power, compared to the NVIDIA Tegra's 1 watt.

The Intel Atom will also have a simple 2D interface, while the NVIDIA Tegra will have a 3D user interface.

The battery life of the Tegra playing a 720p HD video and the Atom playing an SD video.

The battery life of both the Tegra and the Atom while browsing the Internet.




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NVIDIA Presents The Tegra


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