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 02 March 2007
 Gaming Devices
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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Razer Krait Optical Gaming Mouse Review
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Established in 1999, Razer Inc. is a relatively new player in the computer peripherals industry. But unlike other companies that start off as OEM manufacturers before taking the plunge to market their own brand, this company who jumped right into the fray with the Razer Boomslang gaming mouse in late 1999.

Like all their gaming mice, the Boomslang is based on optical sensor technology provided by the Swedish company, kärna precision. It immediately won over the gaming community and won numerous accolades. However, the company fell into trouble with its partners and things were up and down for the next few years. But luckily, they have found a new partner and are now back in the game!

One of their come-back products was the Razer Diamondback which won many awards and accolades. But they didn't just rest on their laurels because they soon came up with an even better mouse - the Razer Copperhead!

However, the Copperhead may be overkill for gamers who do not require twitch-level sensitivity. For those who enjoy real-time strategy (RTS) or massively multiplayer online games (MMOG), Razer has just the thing for you - the Razer Krait. Let's take a look!



The Razer Krait comes in a very stylish black cardboard box, with a nice picture of the Krait in the front. But if you want to see the real thing, just flip open the front cover and you will be able to visually inspect the Razer Krait through the clear plastic window.

The front of the box readily announces the Krait's key traits - a 1600 dpi optical engine, 3 large sensitive buttons and the ability to perform up to 1200 actions per minute. If you want to find out more about the Krait before buying it, just flip over the box. The back has an itemized picture of the Krait showing its key features. There is also a list of key features in eight different languages.

The left side of the box has a comparison of the Krait versus a "standard mouse". As expected, the Krait is superior in every way. The right side of the box, on the other hand, boasts quotes from two gamers.

Left side of the box
Right side of the box

The Russian gamer asks, "Are you game enough to try one?" Sure, why not? That's what we are here for today!

Now, let's go take a look inside...


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