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 22 May 2015
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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ED#200 : Intel Intelligent Generations 2015 (Compute Stick, Atom X3 & More!)
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Day 2 : The Intelligent Generations 2015 Event At Intel PG12 (Continued)

Prakash Mallya, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing, Intel Southeast Asia, then addressed the 400 attendees with his keynote speech on Intel's latest achievements.

He then invited Yannick LeClercq, Managing Director, Intel Mobile Communications South East Asia to talk about the Intel Atom X3, which his team developed. The diminutive Intel Atom X3, formerly known as Intel SoFIA, was designed entirely by Intel Singapore. It now powers many of the low-cost smartphones and tablets in China.

Next, Prakash invited Christopher Kelly, the General Manager of the Intel Malaysia Design Center to showcase the Intel Compute Stick. His team of Bunnymen delivered the Compute Stick in style - using a drone flying inside the auditorium!

The Intel Compute Stick was designed entirely by a team in Intel Penang, and converts any display with a HDMI port into a computer. And it is just four inches long!

From left to right : Yannick LeClercq, Christopher Kelly, Prakash Mallya and Sumner Lemon; showing off the Malaysian-designed Intel Compute Stick.

From left to right : Yannick LeClercq with the Intel Atom X3 his Singaporean team designed, Christopher Kelly with the Compute Stick his Malaysian team designed, Prakash Mallya with an Intel Core M notebook, and Sumner Lemon with two Intel Atom-powered tablets.

After the presentation portion of Intelligent Generations 2015 wrapped up, I took a selfie with Serena C. I bumped into Serena C a couple of times before, but this is the closest and certainly the first selfie I've ever taken with her.

PS. She's very approachable. Just remember - her price for a selfie is a plate of char koay teow.

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Intel Intelligent Generations 2015


The Invitation, Day 1 : Going To Penang


Entering Intel PG12, Serena C Hosts, The Event Kicks Off


Meet Intel SoFIA, Intel Drone Launches The Compute Stick

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