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 23 November 2006
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The Tech ARP CPU Cooler Round-Up
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Zalman CNPS9500 AT

The Zalman's flower-type of CPU coolers (like the CNPS7700 series we see on the right) should be no strangers to most of us.

Boasting copper fins and a recessed fan, these unique coolers are not only known for their performance, but also their silence and relatively light weight.

Now, Zalman creates a new series of coolers which appear to be a combination of two flower-type heatsinks standing vertically, with heatpipes. The first of this series is the Zalman CNPS9500 AT!


The Packaging

The Zalman CNPS9500 AT comes in a sturdy cardboard box, with two transparent plastic windows to show off different parts of the cooler.

This box not only offers good protection to the cooler,it also looks good. But you should still pack it with at least some padding if you want to have it shipped, because the cooler is heavy.

The key features are highlighted on the front, back and right sides of the box. The left side of the box lists the CNPS9500 AT's specifications.


The Contents

Inside the box, you will find a small box containing the accessories and a plastic box shielding the heatsink.

These are all the components that are inside the packaging.

  • One CNPS9500 AT cooler
  • One tube of thermal grease
  • One manual
  • One S-type clip (S-Type)
  • Four bolts (for installing the cooler)
  • Four bolts for the Socket 775 mounting bracket
  • One Socket 775 mounting bracket
  • One Socket 775 backplate

We like this kind of packaging because it's easy to open and everything's so organized. You can also pack it up again should you need to resell this cooler.




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