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 12 April 2006
 Gaming Devices
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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SteelPad 5L Mouse Pad Review
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SteelSeries SteelPad 5L Mouse Pad

The SteelPad 5L mouse pad is a really BIG mouse pad. You will either love that, or hate that. But you will never run out of mousing surface with this mouse pad. SteelSeries made sure of that when they designed this behemoth!

We estimated its surface area at 1050 cm2, making it the largest mouse pad we have ever seen or tested. It even dwarfs giants like the Icemat 2nd Edition! But all this mousing surface comes with a price in desktop real estate. You have to make sure you have enough place to host this mouse pad.

The good news is if you have the space, the SteelPad 5L can easily be your permanent mouse pad. It's very, very spacious and once you place it on your desk, it will never move, thanks to the large number of sticky rubber elements. The cloth-based surface also works well, offering a smooth and comfortable glide as well as precise control.

The five layers in the SteelPad 5L do seem to be more than just marketing fluff. The use of a plastic coat to protect the cloth layer is a good idea. Not only does it offer a smoother glide, it also protects the cloth against moisture and fingernail abuses. Needless to say, the plastic layer prevents the cloth from absorbing sweat and turning into a bio-hazard!

The only complaint we have with the physical construction of the mouse pad is its plastic base. It was highly susceptible to smudges and fingerprints, which are very hard to remove. But that's probably not a big deal if you intend to plunk it on your desk and never take it off.

Due to its size (and lack of a proper case), it is not really suitable for LAN parties. It's best suited as a permanent mouse pad for your home PC. Once you buy this mouse pad, you will never need another mouse pad.

Although we wished SteelSeries could have been a little more generous and provided the SteelPad 5L with a nice case, its size and performance do impress us. In fact, we like it enough to give it a Reviewer's Choice Award. But that's only because we have a large enough desk to use it!

For more details, read our Comprehensive Review!


• USD 39.95
• EUR 37.95
• DKK 279.00

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Comprehensive Review

Material Layers (top to bottom)

• Plastic coating
• Cloth
• Soft polyisoprene
• Hard plastic
• Rubber elements


• 380 mm
• 14.9 inches


• 280 mm
• 11 inches


• NA


• Opto-mechanical (ball) mice
• Optical mice
• Laser mice


One SteelPad 5L mouse pad
One waxed paper backing
• One plastic case


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