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 24 November 2004
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ASUS AX800Pro X800 Pro Graphics Card Review
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In The Box

If you are expecting a large bundle from this high-end card, you may be a disappointed with the games. But this is a great card if you are interested in using the TV as your display because this card comes with quite a lot of TV-out features!

What you will see when you open the box

In the box, you will see many different cables. They range from the S-Video to HDTV, S-Video and Composite cables to the S-Video to Composite connector.

When it comes to CDs, you will get the outdated driver CD as well as an application CD containing Power Director 3, ASUS DVD XP, Media Show, Ulead Cool 3D 2.0 and Photo Express 4.0 SE. As far as games are concerned, the ASUS X800 Pro comes with Counter Strike: Condition Zero and Deus Ex: Invisible War.

But that's not all! It even comes with a web cam!

Cool, huh? Although I find it really odd for them to bundle a webcam with a high-end card, it is nevertheless something unique.

Let's move on to the X800 specification!

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