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 24 November 2007
 Technology Report
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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AMD Spider Technology Report
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AMD Spider Tech Report

AMD Spider Launched!

ATI Radeon
HD 3800 Series



The Radeon HD 3800 Graphics Cards
Better Energy Efficiency


ATI Avivo HD
DirectX 10.1


The RV670's Performance
- The ATI Radeon HD 3870
- The ATI Radeon HD 3850

AMD Phenom



The Phenom(enal) Details

AMD 7-Series Chipset



Chipset Details


First 65nm Chipset
Price Points




The Phenom(enal) Details

The AMD Phenom does not only come with four processing cores, it also features a new three-tier cache structure with a shared L3 cache, new 128-bit FP units, improved branch prediction and a new DDR2 memory controller that supports up to 1066 MHz (pending JEDEC approval).

Unfortunately, there have been reports that the Phenom has a "broken" Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB) which resulted in poorer performance. We asked AMD about this, and they assert that it only happens in "certain rare, specific circumstances" and that they are already working with vendors to deliver a solution in the form of a BIOS patch.

The AMD Phenom also supports HyperTransport 3.0 for twice as much bandwidth as HyperTransport 2.0. But this will only work with motherboards that support HyperTransport 3.0. Otherwise, the AMD Phenom will revert to HyperTransport 2.0.

If you are worried about upgrading to the Phenom, well, no worries. You can replace your current Socket AM2 processor with the new AMD Phenom processor. Of course, AMD recommends those who can afford it, upgrade to a Socket AM2+ motherboard which not only offers split voltages but also a higher power delivery to the processor.

For those wondering what AMD has planned for the future, here's their roadmap. After the Phenom, AMD will migrate to the 45nm process technology with the Stars 45 processor in 2008. Then in the following year, AMD plans to release the Fusion processor where they not only introduce a new core design but also integrate a GPU into the processor die.

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