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 05 October 2004
 Gaming Devices
 Jeremy Tan (Sk||tz)
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Steelpad S&S Professional Gaming Mouse Pad Review
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Since the early days of its inception, the mouse pad has come a long way in design and construction.

It started off as a cloth-encased foam cut-out. Unfortunately, this design was proved to be more of a bane than boon as it often impaired the movement of the mouse due to dust accumulation. Thus began the search for superior design and materials in mouse pad construction.

Today, mouse pads come in many different designs and constructed using a variety of materials. You can still find cheap foam mouse pads but performance-oriented mouse pad designs are becoming the de rigueur equipment for the discerning gamer.

This brings us to the focus of this review - the Steelpad S&S professional gaming mouse pad.


The Steelpad S&S

The professional gaming gear manufacturer Steel co-developed this mouse pad with members of Clan Shroet Kommandos. As such, it's no wonder the Steelpad S&S has won the favour of many professional gaming clans out there like 4-Kings and Team 3D.


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