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Report No FDD For Win95

Common Options : Enabled, Disabled

Quick Review

This BIOS feature allows you to set if the BIOS should report the absence of a floppy disk drive to Windows 95.

For some reason, the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system requires a floppy disk drive to be present. However, in an age of USB flash media and CD/DVD writers, not all computers come with a floppy disk drive. Such computers will fail to boot up Windows 95 without a floppy disk drive.

If this feature is enabled, the BIOS will assign IRQ 6 to another device. This allows computers with no floppy disk drives to boot into Windows 95 normally.

If this feature is disabled, Windows 95 will detect the absence of the floppy disk drive and halt the system with an error message.

If you are using Windows 95 without a floppy disk drive, you have to enable this feature to allow Windows 95 to boot up normally.

If you are using Windows 95 with a floppy disk drive, you can enable or disable this feature. Windows 95 will boot up normally either way.

Please note that this BIOS feature has no relevance in other operating systems. Only Windows 95 is affected. It does not matter what you set this BIOS option to if you are using other operating systems.

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