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All About Me

Hi! I'm Dashken.

There's no need to know my real name I guess. Now, let's talk about how did I get myself into ARP?


Memory Lane

The story goes like this...

A long, long time ago, Peaz and I studied in the same primary school. Since then, we have been in the same class until the day we graduated and went on our own way to different universities. Those days, I was not really into the world of computers so I was not actually in touch with Peaz, so to speak.

I visited the old Adrian's Rojak Pot somewhere in year 1999/2000 for the first time after Peaz pointed me to one of his LITE-ON CD-RW drive reviews. Got myself the 16X LITE-ON CD-RW drive soon after that but it died on me after two years.

Three years later, I was bored of the forums I was visiting (yeah, I have always have this thing for forums, they are like my second home ). So, I went hunting for a new online forum. I happened to remember the old ARP website that I visited three years earlier. I went there and was then forwarded to this new site. That's when I registered and started posting in this ARP's forum.

I've sort of risen through the ranks due to my relentless effort (okay, I got addicted! ) and in no time, I became the Top Forum Poster in ARP, zooming past top posters like Goldfries, Chai, Adrian, Peaz, etc. I bet they never saw me coming. I was definitely FAST! Faster than anyone they have ever seen.

Ok, so posting/spamming as I've been known to do wasn't really an achievement that I can be proud of, okay? From my style of posting, Da Boss, Adrian Wong noticed me. Woohoo... Talk about catching someone's attention. I indeed caught his attention as well as most of Team ARP with my silly posts and all.

So, after much persuasion from my friend, Peaz, I joined Team ARP as a News Editor and later Pre-Editor. I wasn't really sure of my ability to do the job and most of all, I didn't want to disappoint them. But Peaz said they have a lot of confidence in me. Hmm... They also said they would appreciate the extra hands. Well, I have TWO of them. So, why not? Hehe...

Here I am, officially a proud ARP contributor. I am currently a Pre-Editor, News Editor, BOG Translation Coordinator and also a reviewer!

I wrote my FIRST ever review on the Windows Media Player 10 on September 2004 and my second Hyundai HY-6611 MP3 Player Review on May 2005. Woohoo! Hope there's more to come!

The 6th ARP's Anniversary BBQ
The 2005 Chinese New Year Dinner

At The Present Moment...

I'm currently working hard in a MNC company with meagre salary. Hopefully, the days ahead will be bright.

Some people say that life is like a circle. Eventually, you go back to where you first started. I think I can see some truth in it. Well, I ended up in ARP didn't I? It just depends on how big your circle is.

I'm into blogging too. You can find me at Dashken's I-Blog. Do drop by sometime.



Here is my FIRST DIY PC that I setup on December 2004.

Main Rig
Processor  AMD A64 2800+ @ 2GHz
Motherboard  MSI K8N Neo V2.0 Series
Memory Modules  2 x 512MB Corsair PC3200 VS DDR SDRAM
Hard Disks  80GB Maxtor hard disk (5,400 RPM)
 120GB Seagate hard disk (7,200 RPM)
 400GB Seagate SATA hard disk (7,200 RPM)
Graphics Card  XpertVision 6800 GT @415/500
Removable Media Drives  16X LITE-ON DVDRW drive
 24X LITE-ON CD-RW drive
Monitor  19" Philips 109B
Mouse  Logitech MX500 (with SteelPad 4D)
Keyboard  Microsoft Digital Media Pro Keyboard
Speaker  Edifier M3300  

My working area and you can actually see my infamous 'pink folder' here.


If you are free and have nothing better to do, drop me an email or visit my blog, Dashken's I-Blog.

Peace to all and God Bless!


Pre Editor / News Editor / Contributor

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