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X10 Wireless Technology

When you buy from, you get more than the lowest price and best product selection available in the security, surveillance and home automation organizations on the Web today. With over than 30 years in business and online since 1996, X10 is both a manufacturer and Web retailer. Whether you are a huge company, a one-person small business or just family, you will find they deliver the lowest prices on the very best merchandise of its kind available on the Web

Free Shipping for Orders Of $49.99 Or More!
They include free shipping to U.S. addresses for every order or $49.99 or more. Just use the X10FREESHIP coupon code in the notes section. Most orders ship out within two business days and they will provide you with a link so that you can track your order the minute it leaves their warehouse until it hits your doorway.

Expert Product Information Available When You Need It
Their 24-7 Live Chat and toll free phone product consultants mean that you can shop whenever it is convenient for you. Their Live Chat and phone product consultants are trained to enthusiastically create satisfied customers. They will work with you to make sure to help you decide which product best meets your needs within your budget.

Here are their latest offers / promotions :-

Discount / Rebate
Offer Period

X10 Camera Super Deals!

• X10 rotates through various Super Deals over time!
• Right now, it's their Winter Sale with discounts of up to 77%!

Discounts of up to 77%!

Time-Limited Promotions & Offers

X10 Hot Deals

• This page lists all of X10's time-limited hot deals!
• Take opportunity of these time-limited offers to save on your X10 purchases.

Various Discounts & Promotions

Time-Limited Promotions & Offers

X10 Wireless Video Sender

• Send Your TiVo Recorded Shows to Another TV Anywhere in the House!
• Crystal Clear Picture up to 100 Feet Away Through Walls and Floors
• DVD Quality Transmission--No Quality Loss!
• Works with the VCR, DVD, DVR & many more
• Buy today and get a FREE Universal 5-in-1 Learning Remote ($49.99 Value).

Only $49.99
+ Free Universal 5-in-1 Learning Remote

Ongoing Promotion

Active Home Pro Kit

• Control lamps, appliances, and wall switches
• Set up timed events
• Wireless so you'll never have to trip over extra wiring
• Includes the 5-in-1 Platinum Remote universal remote control
• The Credit Card Controller, the ideal keychain remote, lets you control up to 4 lights and appliances

Only $49.99 or $99.99
+ Free VCR Recorder
+ Free Shipping

Ongoing Promotion

X10 Tiny Wireless Nanny Camera

• Transmit live video to your PC, TV or VCR.
• Affordable High-Definition Web Cam Solution!
• Indoor/Outdoor - Weather Resistant
• Includes bonus VCR advantage pack with 2 motion sensors!

Only $79.99
+ Free VCR Advantage Pack
+ 2 Free Motion Sensors
+ Free Shipping

Ongoing Promotion

X10 ActiveHome Pro Starter Kit

• This starter kit allows you to control lights in the office or home from the Internet!
• Includes free myHouse Online and free shipping!

Only $69.99!
+ Free myHouse Online
+ Free Shipping

Ongoing Promotion


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