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 18 June 2009
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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ED#110 : Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Disrupts OEM Communications
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ED#110 : Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Disrupts OEM Communications

How ironic. Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 8 browser is reportedly not compatible with their own OEM extranet portal!

Our sources recently complained that they have not been able to access the Microsoft OEM Communications Extranet after installing Internet Explorer 8. All IE8 does is "wait" for the portal to load, but the portal never actually loads, leaving these IE8 users frustrated and absolutely pissed.

The solution is simple - uninstall Internet Explorer 8 and revert to Internet Explorer 7! Then the portal loads instantaneously. Well, one of them did actually get into the portal after waiting over an hour, but really, how many will wait so long?

If you are thinking of using FireFox (shock!) or Chrome (horror!), you can forget it because the portal is said to identify the use of such non-Microsoft products and if found, you will be asked to use Internet Explorer. Not surprising though.

This, of course, doesn't affect the rest of us who will never have access to the portal, but it must be embarrassing for Microsoft to have their OEM partners crying foul over IE8's inability to access Microsoft's own extranet portal.


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